Radiation Hardened Semiconductors for Low Earth Orbit and Deep Space Exploitation

Among the disruptive actions that will accelerate major advances in satellite reconnaissance capabilities is the employment of high voltage power systems on spacecraft. Increasing power supply voltage on satellites leads directly to broader coverage and faster orbital positioning. Operation at high-voltage (300 to 600 V) also allows designers to eliminate power conversion components, which would significantly reduce spacecraft volume and weight.

However, such power systems require innovative solutions for increasing operational lifetime, radiation tolerance, and reliability in the extreme space environment. Given the critical role of the power MOSFET, IceMOS is focusing it’s efforts on designing a revolutionary radiation hardened high voltage (>150V to 1200V) Power MOSFET based on the MEMS Superjunction (mSJMOS) VERTICAL FET technology developed by IceMOS Technology Corporation.

The mSJMOS technology merges MEMS, Superjunction MOSFET and potentially WBG drain engineered structures into a new class of Power Device.

Date & Time
Thursday, November 23, 2023, 1:45 PM - 1:50 PM
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Hugh Griffin