SKYNET 6: Technological Capital

How will SKYNET 6 contribute to UK prosperity agenda for UK Space Technological Capital?

SKYNET is a family of military communications satellites, currently operated for the MOD, which provides strategic communication services to the UK Armed Forces and allies.

The SKYNET 6 Programme vision is to provide the next generation of world-leading satellite communications on demand to enable military strategic effects against current and evolving threats. To achieve the vision, the programme will enable the MOD in building a world class space force and contribute to the UK prosperity agenda for space. The SKYNET 6 panel discussion will focus on growing the UK’s technological development to enable the SKYNET 6 objectives. Specifically, how the SKYNET 6 Enduring Capability Enduring Capability (SKEC) Wideband Satellite System (WSS) procurement could provide smaller technology companies opportunities to support the primary contractors.

Date & Time
Wednesday, November 22, 2023, 3:45 PM - 4:25 PM
Location Name
Room 2b
Kevin Shaw Duhita Govindji Andy Titcomb