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Conference Themes

In 2021, we are focusing on 5 key themes, Space to Prosper, Space to Observe & Sustain, Space to Protect, Space to Live Well, Space to Inspire & Explore.


Through our daily plenary sessions, and a mix of live and pre-recorded parallel theme sessions, an exciting range of expert speakers from across industry, government and academia will bring us their valuable insight.

Space to Prosper

The global space economy is still recognised as one of the fastest growing sectors. It is constantly evolving, frequently disrupted, new businesses are being created, and record levels of private investment have been logged this year. Governments are also committing large space budgets, particularly in the defence domain. This conference theme will explore the UK’s refreshed strategy for space sector growth, hearing from leaders across industry, academia and government about the challenges and opportunities for the UK space economy. Can the UK space sector realistically meet its target of achieving 10% of the global space economy by 2030?

Space to Protect

Space capabilities can enable the protection of a multitude of terrestrial activities, services and facilities, from Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) to secure communications and logistics. They also enable MOD and other government defence and security agencies to protect and defend UK citizens and interests at home and within overseas territories. In addition, all space capabilities, including space systems, ground infrastructure and link segments, are themselves vulnerable to natural hazards or nefarious activity and need to be protected, with associated resilience measures in place. The protection of, and protection by, space capabilities is a critical endeavour.

Space to Inspire & Explore

Human kind is driven to explore the unknown, address fundamental questions about our existence and place in the Universe, and continually push the frontiers of our knowledge and technological limits to find answers.  To do this to the best of our ability, a talented and diverse workforce is needed to work together to develop the big ideas, build world-class missions, and communicate our successes to inspire and attract the next generation of professionals from all walks of life.



Space to Observe & Sustain

Observing and measuring the Earth from space is an essential tool to understand climate change, perhaps the single greatest threat to our species, and the Earth’s ecosystem.  The space sector is innovating at break neck speed to tackle these complex issues, creating sustainable solutions that will put us on the path to a Net Zero future, whilst ensuring the space environment itself can be used sustainably for generations to come.



Space to Live Well

Fantastic advancements have been made in the Space sector leading to  a “New Space Age”. But what does that mean for humanity and its well-being?
This theme will explore innovations and advancements that have been made in  Space or to serve space missions, and how they improve life on earth and its sustainability. The sessions will showcase New technology and scientific developments (e.g. bio-tech, manufacturing, life support systems) that are enabling future, environmentally friendly growth and applicability of the space sector to human liveability and enhanced well-being.


Conference Programme


Click any of the below images to download the full programme PDF

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Pre-conference Sessions

Space 101 - All you need to know about space!

20-24 September

Join us for an informative series of sessions covering a range of space topics. Open to all delegates, however aimed mainly at start-ups, SMEs and those who are new to, or considering entering the sector. Find out who can help you, where the UK industry is heading, how to make it for Space and experience the variety of business models and skills involved.